26 April 2010

Lego Wars

I confess I always end up in a bad mood when I play Lego with my earthlings.  I absolutely love Lego, even if it is a lot of hard work.  I'm a frustrated artist so seeing  the miniature house, village, family, zoo or whatever it is they want done makes me  happiness.  They want it all: a helicopter/car/motorcycle/boat/truck, pirates, a horse but in black and white like the picture, a dog for the little boy, a tree for the giraffe to eat, a bridge between the lion's den and the roof.  The ant that I am makes each one of them and I'm proud to thrill them with the results no matter how simple they actually are like the house below.

But before I know what's hit me, they destroy everything.  They push and they shove, they stomp and they kick, they do evil laughs and they beat their chests.  (OK, maybe not that last bit.)  Before I can even rescue my Lego-people and their homes, parks and animals, I am left with this.

Yeah, yeah, they don't exactly belong to the Lego hall of fame.  And yes I am the mother in this story.  But man, it sure pisses me off.