19 April 2010

Sweet Kids

A cousin sent over some left over cupcakes from a party she hosted.  Like we really needed  the extra sugar after a week of leftover birthday cake from Aiden's party.  Did we eat them?  You bet we did!  They were caramel filled chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting.  Gael didn't seem to breathe, it was just one bite after another.  After licking his fingers and smacking his lips he turns to me and say, "Look Mama, it made me smile."  I look at him and he has the BIGGEST chocolate smeared smile I've ever seen.  And he's had a lot of chocolate smeared smiles, more than any mom would care to admit.

First Birthday, First Chocolate Smile

First Chocolate Pudding Smile

First Chocolate Ice Cream Smile

First Homemade Cupcake Smile