28 May 2010

Advertising For Wee Suckers

Of late Gael is a sucker wooed and enticed by all sorts of ads that I don't think had a 4-year-old boy in mind.  Not the Nickelodeon or Disney channel sort.  Not for toys or cereal or Oreos.  Usually they are food ads because good god the boy loves food.

Gael got into American Idol with me.  OK, OK, he had no choice but to watch it with me.  It's cultural, isn't it?  Music, singing, people playing guitars.  Then he saw this Greenwich American Idol Pizza ad, bolted upright, pointed at the TV and declared "I WANT TO TRY THAT PIZZA!  I want to try it, I want to try it.  Mama, please, please, PUHLEEZ."  With palms clasped together in beseeching position and all.  This from a kid that doesn't really like pizza.  For days and weeks this is all I hear.  We even see the billboard of the ad and there is even more asking, begging and pleading.  All the way home, luckily with no traffic.  Well life is good and life had given us lolas who quickly dialed the delivery hot line and ordered the American Idol Pizza with a bat of Gael's imploring eyes.

And he was happy with that one taste.  But it appears that my troubles had just begun.  He saw the Dunkin Donuts Iced Krushers ad (I think this is what it's called) and he just HAD to have it.  In the ad there is this guy who drinks the iced krusher and is transported to a beach paradise but turns out it is this huge TV and the people aren't really waving at him and he isn't really at the beach.   Or something of like that.  He thinks this is hilarious.  This time I didn't give in or tell the lolas and he forgot about it. 

At the grocery he saw a Sanyo ad that involved some sexy spies or thieves in black, leather catsuits.  "Mama, is our TV Sanyo?",  he quickly asks me.  Oh if only he saw a Sony ad, Paco would have gone running to buy the biggest flat screen and blamed it on Gael.

The latest one is some sort of Pizza Hut hot dog pizza.  My troubles have definitely just begun.