26 May 2010

I Have Feeling This Year Is Going To Be The Year

My best friend is pregnant with her first, I was so thrilled that for a brief moment of incredulous insanity I thought it would be fun for us to have kids the same age.

Then I remembered 2005, the year I waddled, ate 5 glazed Donuts a day and only fit in one pair of sandals for the months of July and August.

A year before that I rode a scooter to the beach, kinda rocked a string bikini and drank beers till the sun set. 

Six years later I'm no where close to that.  That's a lie, I'm actually closer to the first picture.  And no I am not going to humiliate myself by posting a now picture.

So, no go.  Over my flabby, jiggly body.  I have a stinking' suspicion/hope/ambition/motivation that this year I'm bringing sexy back.

If Paco is reading this, and he better be, sorry for crushing your hopes for little girl.  A little girl that will turn into a teenage nightmare, sneaking out of the house, smoking in the bathroom, riding in cars with boys, buying expensive designer jeans.