19 May 2010

Sporty Earthling

 Gael at the Futbol Funatics summer camp

He is such a natural.  You can tell just by looking at the picture, right?  Gael can do anything physical from running, basketball, football, headstands, basically anything that involves a good amount of physical energy and a disgusting amount of sweat.  He even beats me at bowling.  OK, maybe that isn't too difficult a feat.  But I swear he was born to do this.  Go ahead, laugh at me, call me exaggerating, brush me aside as a doting mother.  Laugh now cause I'll be peeing-in-my-pants laughing when Gael kicks YOUR kid's ass at a football game in a few years.

Unlike Paco, I'm not even dreaming of Gael training with FC Barcelona or a multi-million Euro contract with Real Madrid.  (Wait, I think I got that wrong.)  I simply want him to continue this love for yoga, gymnastics, football, swimming and whatever else athletic/sporty he will get into.  I don't play any sport and I've gone to the gym a total of about a year in all my 36 years.  If it weren't for the infernal heat this summer I'd never break into a sweat.  My sorry middle-aged, jiggly, flabby body is now paying for these sins and I'll be darned if Gael and Aiden make the same mistakes.