04 May 2010

When Purring Roars

Like a true Leo Gael purrs like a kitten but ROARS like a lion.  Lately we've been getting more thunderous roars than sweet purrs.  It sucks since he is so much fun to be with when he is in a good mood.  And when he isn't, I just want to sell him to the highest bidder.  Preferably on Ebay where I can earn in $ or €.

The lion in him is nothing new, his tantrums were a daily battle a couple of years back.  He had a speech delay and didn't speak clearly until he was about 4.  Gael was painfully insecure and barely spoke to non-family members, I wrote about it with more details here.  But we worked hard at that issue, we did the Tomatis listening therapy, we read a gazillion and one books, we listening to music and it did work.  His ears were opened, he started talking in sentences, he made friends, he loved school and he even sang for the first time.

Right when I was enjoying this new and improved Gael 2.0, Bill Gates came out with a newer version.  Out with the new Gael and back with the ROARING one.  He is three months shy of 5, so calling it a tantrum is being nice.  I never like sugar coating things, so let me be honest and call it a temper.  A big, bad one.  God help me!

So here I am dying in this infernal heat, trying to keep my cool with this little boy that reminds me of the incredible hulk in his moments of rage.  Trying.  Trying.  Trying.