26 May 2010

Yin & Yang

In my house we've got a lot of Yin & Yang going around.  First you have me and Paco, not exactly polar opposites but, well ... let me tell you we can't even share a dish at a restaurant or listen to the same music.  Then we have Gael and Aiden, our very own yin & yang.  Yang represents the negative and yin represents the positive.  Gael is an adventurer that likes super heroes and digging for dinosaur bones, he loves being with friends and he find joy in eating.  Aiden is a homebody, a bookworm, he loves cuddly animals and only eats pizza, peanut butter sandwiches, cereal, carrots, rice, pasta, soup and of late (and when in the mood) breaded fish.  While Gael proudly counts the months and days till his next birthday, Aiden climbs into my lap, curls himself into ball and tells me that he is still a little baby

Dull moments at home?  With a toddler around, you must be kidding me.  There is always an out of this world moment with one of the earthlings going crazy.  Yes, crazy.  Absolute adrenalin pumping heart racing swinging on the vines beating on the chest crazy.  I'm their mama for god sake and crazy is hereditary.  I may be on the mad end of the spectrum but I'm a glass half full sorta person, it is my consolation that when one is going nuts, the other is USUALLY keeping it cool.  So that is a good thing.  A good yin and yang.

Yang doesn't exactly mean bad nor yin mean good. 
They are the complementary forces in the universe.
Gael & Aiden
A perfect balance.