19 June 2010

Back To School Back Pack

I already mentioned how crazy Aiden is about penguins here and here.  So when I saw the penguin Skip Hop bag pictured below in magazines and on Topaz Mommy I had visions of the happiest Aiden in the world.  A happiness that would make me favorite parent for at least 6 months.  There aren't many penguin anything for kids out there, oh believe me me I know, and when I see a penguin I get a rush and grab it.  A penguin backpack would be the perfect back to school motivation this earthling needs and boy does he need some motivating to get his ass to school.

Off I go to Rustan's where the bags were available.  I don't find them anywhere in the store, just the usual diaper bags and character bags.  I ask a sales attendant where the Skip Hop toddler backpacks are and she doesn't seem to know what Skip Hop is even if their diaper bags are literally in front of her nose.  So she asks someone else and that someone else shows me the diaper bags.  When I tell her that I am looking for the kids penguin backpack she informs me that they only carry Skip Hop diaper bags.  Grrrrrr!  Rustan's and this woman are seriously getting me in a foul mood.  I politely (yes, I swear politely) tell her that I had seen it in magazines and it specifically said available at Rustan's.  "Ay ma'm, out of stock na." WHAT!!!!!  Didn't she just tell me they never had it.  What a lying, lazy ass bitch.  I really feel like yelling at her but think ommmmmmm thoughts and instead sarcastically say thank you.

There is nothing more agitating than bad service.  Especially at a store like Rustan's where they pride themselves with good and personalized service.  A couple of months ago I was seeing the Skip Hop in all media including Chuvaness and Heart 2 Heart.  Whats the point of doing a press release when there is no product or service to back it up?

Aiden got another school bag and doesn't seem to mind that it isn't a penguin.  He would have been kissing and hugging that Skip Hop one though.  And I would have gotten a gazillion mommy points.