24 June 2010

Class Act

The earthlings are back at Explorations and we couldn't be happier.  Well, I am relieved glad and Gael is thrilled.  But Aiden is Aiden so he is making things more difficult for everyone else.  This guy couldn't care less about school or his classmates.  Last year I asked him how school went every day and every single day he replied "I don't know."  Then I switched to asking what he did at school and he'd shut me up by saying "Nothing."

This year Aiden is in nursery and Gael is in senior kinder.  As I've mention way too many times I've probably bored you to tears, Aiden LOVES giraffes and penguins.  Now the class names or sections at Explorations are animals.  Perfect, you say?  Not quite.  As karma would have it, Gael is a Giraffe and Aiden is a Seal.  A Seal?  Yes, God help me, a friggin seal that in his penguin book is the enemy that preys on these flightless Arctic birds.

I tried to break it to him gently but he was in total denial.  "No Mama, I'm a Giraffe."  Alriiiiiight, what ever you say.  Whateeeeeever makes you happy, buddy.  And that was exactly what he had in mind.  After class he runs to his old classroom, bangs on the door, looks for his teachers last year and demands "I'm a Toddler Bunny!  I'm a Toddler Bunny!"   

I always look at the brighter side of things so I am grateful that Explorations is a cool school.  Not one of those rigid, Catholic schools that would be whacking him with a ruler or making him kneel on 25 centavo coins by now.

P.S.  If your child is a Toddler Bunny this year and is freaked out by some kid banging on the door, don't scoff.  Aiden knows where your kids' classrooms are.  We don't call him the little devil for nothing.