09 June 2010

Electric Robbery (Up Yours Meralco) Part 2

Meralco is hateful.  I got the most expensive electric bill ever.  Like everyone else I already ranted about them when I wrote about their electric robbery.  I took a long, good look at the bills this time and nothing makes any sense to me.  It may as well have been written is Russian.  Other than the distribution rate, everything else fluctuates from month to month.  And I am talking about the rate/kWh so it has nothing to do with the consumption.  Isn't there any government regulation?  How do they decide how much to increase?

Here is how the fuckers have been robbing me:
  • GENERATION CHARGE (PhP/kWh):  It increased 21% in January 2010, 16% more in February 2010 and as that wasn't enough it was then increased 14% in March 2010.  In April 2010 in was decreased (yes you read that right, DECREASED) 23%.   Then up again 2% in May 2010.  As of this last bill it is 26% higher that the 2009 average cost.
  • How can they increase the rate 21% in January 2010 then drop it 23% in April?  They lowered the rate after they received a lot of complaints and bad press.
  • DISTRIBUTION CHARGE (Php/kWh):  It increased 10% in December 2009 but decreased 11% in January 2010.  Then it increased 19% in April 2010 and has remained the same every since.  It is 19% more than 2009.
Told you I took a long, good look at the bills!  So maybe you aren't into such nerdy percentages.  Here is another way of looking at this Meralco scam:

  • August 09 and March 2010 consumption is almost the same but in March 2010 I paid 4,396.40 more.
  • June 09 and April 2010 consumption is practically the same but in April 2010 I paid 2,498.05 more.
Consumption for this last bill was at its highest, so naturally I expected the bill to be higher.  But an increase relative to consumption, not an increase in the rate.  There is no justification for the ridiculous increment we've had in our electric bills.  The current generation charge is 26% higher than it was in 2009.  The current distribution charge is 19% higher that it was in 2009.  Meralco, are you are out of your mind!!!  Did salaries increase?  How many people got a salary increase of 26% or 19% this year?

Last I checked we were a third world country.  A year and a half ago I lived in Spain, I lived there for 11 years.  The electricity there has always been cheaper than here.  I didn't do any nerdy spread sheet comparison to dazzle you but I am almost certain that every single electric bill I had was less than any of the Meralco bills I have had since I moved back.  And there I had heating I used 24/7 around 5 months of the year plus a dishwasher I used everyday.

What is going on?  The only answer I can think of is that they are a bunch of assholes.  Every single one of us should write them a serious letter of complaint because they are absolutely in the wrong.  The last explanatory letter they sent us in the mail read *Dear Stupid, I'm going to rob more of your money.  Sincerely, The Meralco Assholes*.  And if you haven't yet join the Facebook Protest Against Meralco Electricity Price Hike.