03 June 2010

Little Fashion Police

Last Saturday I took the boys to get haircuts.  Gael picks out his new Googoo & Gaga shirt while I get Aiden dressed.  Before leaving we do the drill.  Have you both brushed your teeth?  Everybody pee now, mall bathrooms are dirty.  Gael brush your hair.  Aiden get that penguin out of your mouth.  Want to wear Crocs or sneakers?  We're leaving in 2 minutes.  Good to go?

"But Mama, YOU haven't gotten dressed." pipes Gael as he halts our exit march.

"What do you mean?  I am dressed."  I had a safari inspired romper that is pretty chic or at least I think so.

"No, you aren't.  Those aren't outside clothes, those are house clothes. You need to wear long pants."  He has always been a vain one, carefully picking his shirts since he learned to walk to the closet.    Maybe I do look like I just stepped out of bed from a long afternoon siesta.  I am standing beside the kid wearing the coolest shirt ever.

"Gael, we live in a tropical country and we are in a heat wave.  These are summer going out clothes."  I try to convince us both.

Tears. Tears.  Tears. 

You'd think I told him that superheroes suck or that Ben10 is a loser.  Or something as life shattering as that.  I try real hard not to laugh.  Hey, I didn't look THAT bad and my legs aren't THAT bad.  But it would be a good excuse to go shopping, wouldn't it.  When Paco sees the bills I can just say, but Gael said I need a new wardrobe.