05 June 2010

The Obsessed Earthling

Aiden is the strangest sort of earthling, he is delightfully weird.   One of the more peculiar things about him is that he gets overly obsessed and fixated with specific things.  When he is into something, nothing else exists in his universe.  Everything else recedes  into the background then slowly vaporizes into thin air.  When he likes a book or an author he refuses to read anything else.  Just the same books over and over again for months, until I feel like plucking my eyeballs out so I can't possibly read them one more time.

About a year ago he never went anywhere without his yellow digger.  His life had no meaning beyond that miniature earth moving machine.  When he had the yellow digger in his hand he was in a happy place.  In retrospect I realize that it was merely a mild obsession, we had no idea what we were in for.

Soon after Paco bought Aiden the Surf's Up DVD and that was the beginning of a fatal attraction.  Penguins ruled his world and soon he worshiped the ice they waddled on.  Caught up in the frenzy I fed his obsession by getting my hands on anything penguin I see - which is not much!  He loved the documentary March of the Penguins.  He lived, breathed and dreamed penguins.  He memorized his penguin books and was appointed Youth Ambassador of the Emperor Penguins by the WWF.

His third birthday was a surfin' penguin party.  I would have totally broken his heart if it weren't a penguin theme.  When I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday he said he wanted to go to Antarctica and surf with the penguins.  So bringing the surfing and the penguins to him was the least and the only thing I could do.  I made penguin streamers, origami penguins for the tables and downloaded a penguin font for this banner.  (And yes, I did notice the off spelling.)  If you weren't at the party you probably won't believe that I did all this.  Me doing anything crafty is big joke, trust me if there was penguin party gear anywhere it would have made my life easier.   In the invite I asked everyone to get penguin presents and Aiden got duplicates of every penguin toy in Metro Manila.  But its didn't matter, he was consumed by his large penguin family.

Everyone may have gone out of their way to search for that penguin present but Aiden decides that it may all be a bit much.  Perhaps he's had enough.  Come on, how many penguins figurines does anyone need? 

Time to move on, penguins were last season.  Its summer after all and in Aiden's universe giraffes are in.  The penguins have been demoted from the bedroom to the playroom now.  If he leaves home without a giraffe, the earth will split open, the oceans will spill over and it will be Aiden's giraffepocalypse.  (Sorry, I couldn't help it!)

Here we go all over again.