16 July 2010

Bite Me

I think I jinxed myself.  I definitely did.  Just a few days ago I write about Aiden, and how he freaks his classmates out with his need for physical contact.  The very next day, I get a note from the teacher.  Actually it wasn't a note, it was an incident report.  Aiden bit a classmate however it wasn't such a shocker to me really.  You all must know by now that Aiden is my enfant terrible, by default I am a part of his naughty and ornery world.

As if that wasn't bad enough, I get ANOTHER incident report the day after.  The little devil bit another classmate!  And he has the nerve to deny it.  "I did not do it, Mama.  I did not."  Yeah right!  Dude, I know for a fact that when kids bite they leave small teeth marks on the skin of their victims.  You can't fool me Aiden.  I've seen those teeth marks on you and your brother after your rounds of UFC-like playing and fighting.

But this tale doesn't begin here.  We already got one of these notes the first week of school.  Yes, the first week of school when he was only there for about an hour.   He bit the yaya in the class.  Twice.  So, that gives Aiden 3 biting episodes at school in not even a month.  UGH!   When my astrologer/mother-in-law told me this one is the one that will get me in trouble she certainly wasn't kidding around. 

So its back to the Baby Whisperer and Love and Logic that have been gathering dust on the shelf.  Just when I thought I didn't need parenting books anymore.  Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Rone, Rone, Rone, how presumptuous of you!  No wonder something was stopping me from selling them at the last garage sale.