11 July 2010

King of Cling

That's Aiden.  The Leech.

When he was a baby he had to be ON me most of the day.  Yup, you read that right O-N me.  My back will forever be ungrateful.   He was that needy wailing baby that stopped crying the minute he was in my arms.  When he was finally sitting up on his own, he decided to give me a small break.  Just a teeny tiny one.  Instead of being on me, right next to me was now acceptable.

The first 18 months of his life were spend on my boob, in a carrier on my chest, in a sling on my hip, in a mei tai on my back, beside me on the kitchen floor floor while I cooked, in the bathroom in a bouncy chair while I took a shower and in a bumbo in the living room while I had dinner on the coffee table with Gael.  What can I say, I he was my number one fan.

A couple of weeks old
Three Months Old
Nine Months Old

When we left home I had to hold his hand WHILE I pushed his stroller.  At a restaurant or a friends home he had to be on my lap.  Seriously, this guy could out stalk a stalker.  I was this close to getting a restraining order.  Dude, I know I carried you in my belly for 9 months, gave birth to you and blah, blah, blah but I still need some space.  Do you always have to stick to me like glue?  Can you sit beside me instead of on my lap?

Very gradually this King of Cling is venturing out on his own more and more.  Quite literally, a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.    He still is leechy but it's nothing compared to a year ago.  Or so I thought.  A few days ago his nursery teacher gives me a report of how he's been adapting at school.  Turns out he freaks his classmates out with his touchy-feely self.  At first they thought he was being aggressive then realized that he just needed some lovin'.  Fortunately for me they are only in nursery.  They are three and none of them could possibly tell their parents "Mama, there's this kid Aiden in my class that always wants to hug and hold hands.  It's soooo annoying."  Let's save that exciting moment for the next decade.