28 July 2010

Ratting On The Kids

Aiden was having so much fun playing phone-phone yesterday.  I got endless calls from him asking me how I was doing.  Suddenly he tells me that its for me.  For me?  When he wants me to play with him it usually means he does all the playing and I just pretty much sit there keeping him company.  I should be honored that this earthling was engaging me in his game.

I take the phone as he hands it to me and begin my monologue with my mystery caller.

Me:  Hello, who is this?  Oh Santa it's you.
His mouth drops.
Me:  What's that?  Has Aiden been a good boy?  Oh yes he has.
He smiles one of his ear to ear smiles.
Me:  Oh yeah, he did bite in school a few times.
Aiden:  I did not!  I did not bite!
He protests with violent head shaking.
Me:  Don't worry Santa, he promises to not bite anymore.  I am sure he will be a good boy from now on.
He smiles again.
Me:  OK.  Thanks Santa.  Bye.

Nothing like some good old fashioned blackmailing.  So much for modern parenting.