26 July 2010

Snot Control

After a year of procrastination, I finally take the earthlings to a homeopathic pediatrician.  I love the pediatrician of the boys but seeing a homeopathic pediatrician gives me a sense of balance.  It gives you the option to say no drugs.  We had a homeopathic pediatrician in Spain but never got around to seeing one here, we were still doing the remedies and things were going pretty well in the phlegm and mucus department.  When they have health issues, it usually involves something vile and disgusting like greenish phlegm spat into my hand or yellow mucus shot out of both nostrils after a ground shaking sneeze.  Lovely, my life is truly lovely.

I first sought out homeopathy when Gael was around 10 months old and I was sick and tired of the pediatrician and pneumonologist prescribing him Ventolin AND antibiotics.  That's when Dr. Victor Casaprima came into our lives like the cult leader Charles Manson and showed us the alternative route.  I listened and followed everything he said, I was a convert.  Now, we rarely take a drop of paracetamol, ibuprofen, cough syrup, antibiotics and any other unnecessary drug pharmaceuticals make and sell.    Dear Dr. Victor Casaprima, please move to the Philippines and we can form our own cult here.  We're a total snot house without you.

Actually the snot was under control until a few months ago when Aiden got a cough that never fully went away and was stuffy most mornings.  Gael took to calling him Mr. Mocos and Aiden thought it was the funniest thing to have slime-like snot hanging out of his nose.  Lovely.  While Gael was drenched in sweat all summer with the hellish heat wave we had and this triggered a horrible dermatitis and I succumbed to giving him a steroid cream.  Ugh!  I was kicking myself for having to do this but the poor guy was dying of itchiness.

But I have a feeling my Mercury suki card will soon be lost in the inner most crevices of my wallet, in a place where all the cards and receipt I no longer need are.  I have a good feeling about Dr. Cricket Chen and the boys loved being at her clinic.  She really knows her alternative medicine, she is a genuine homeopath.  I had my doubts since homeopathy in the Philippines is way out of the box.  I've only heard of two homeopathic pediatricians.  You can't just get the stuff at a pharmacy which is exactly what I would do in Spain but you can get it at the homeopath's.  Dr. Chen is at St. Luke's Global City and that's just a 15 minute drive from home, which is the equivalent to 1 kilometer in Philippine traffic.    

I'll let you guys know in a month or so how our natural snot control is going.