12 August 2010

Big Little Boy

Gael is such a big kid I tend to forget how young he is.  No, I don't forget his age like a lola who can never remember whether you are in high school or college or graduated or is that you or your sister.  Of course I know exactly how old he is!  I was the one who pushed him out of me, that is one morning my hips and I will never forget.

The thing about Gael is that he is so tall, he looks more 6 or 7 than almost 5.  He is 115 cm. tall which is close to being a 4 footer.  I always get asked what vitamins he takes by strangers at the pediatrician's waiting room or at school.  When I tell them he never has taken any vitamin other than vitamin C when he has a cold, they look at me with that LIAR! look in their eyes.  Aside from the obvious physical aspects he is also a very independent big little boy.  He slept alone in his room at 6 months, started feeding himself at 18 months, dressed himself at 2 years and has been able to play or be alone since he was born.  He has always been the sort of kid that I could take with me to any restaurant, party or store.  And it's not because he was so well behaved, he was one with crazy tantrums (still is!).  I'm not exactly sure what it is but there is something about him that is so cultivated.

I didn't realize what a big boy he was until the little devil earthling I call Aiden became a toddler.  At three, Aiden still calls himself a little baby, wants to be fed, begs to be carried, never wants to be alone yet doesn't want to play with other kids.  When Gael was three we'd take the metro and bus everywhere, he rode a bike with training wheels and he'd pick out and put on his own clothes.  Yin and yang is the best description. 

Today at Gael's 5 and up Taekwondo class I was sweetly reminded of how little this almost 5-year-old is.  Being one of the three little runts in the class, he is the one that fumbles and doesn't quite get the moves right.  He looks at the bigger kids and corrects his position, he doesn't get to do the complicated stuff and he doesn't get the attention of the big kids.  Despite being the class runt he has the biggest smile on his face from beginning to end.  In fact he thinks its the coolest thing to be with these big kids in the big school he is going to next year.

Looking at him being towered over by other kids today made me swoon.  Then as though he knew I was falling in love with him all over again, he turned to me, raised his eyebrows and gave me a big grin.