20 August 2010

Introducing Sex

Talking sex to my earthlings is something I don't exactly looked forward to.  It is something so complex even to adults, what more to a young child.  But it is also something so natural and important that they should know about it sooner rather than later.  I want to be truthful and accurate but not quite sure how to go about the technicalities.  Then a few weeks ago I read this really good post Talking to Your Kids About Sex over at Gangcentral that seemed to be written just for me.  I was nodding and agreeing from beginning to end.

We've always called a penis a penis and a vagina a vagina.  That is my sex education 101.  I get so annoyed when one of them says its a pututuy and they start to giggle.  I can tell that they think it is something naughty.  Each time I correct them and say that pututuy is not a real word, it is just a made up word.  Then I get the "But my friend said we shouldn't say penis."  This makes me feel like giving this friend a sex talk myself but refrain and ask him "Would you like me to call you Juan instead of Gael?""No! That's not my name." he whines.  Luckily, I get the answer I wanted so I finish off  by stressing how important it is to call things by their correct names.  He hasn't used pututuy ever since.  At least not to me.  Knock on wood. 

We haven't had the need to go too far in the sex talk department but Gael is slowly getting more and more inquisitive.  They both were more than satisfied to know that they came from my tummy.  Period.  That was all they needed to know and they love to look at pictures of my huge belly with them in it.  That was enough until a month or so ago Gael asks me how he came out of the tummy.    "I had to push you out." I tell him.  "Did I come out of your mouth?" he asks.  "Actually, you came out of my vagina." I reply nervous as hell but smiling at him on the outside.  This is the ONE time I wish I had a c-section.  He bursts out with uncontrollable laughter.  I laugh with him and that was the end of that conversation.

A couple of days later he is playing with his cousins.  Gael tells them something about the toy or game they are playing then he adds "And babies come out of the vagina."  Then they continue playing as though they were thinking well of course, babies come out of vaginas.  Paco tells me I will be the most unpopular mom on the block.  So what else is new?

Sex is beautiful and amazing and that's how I want them to see it.  Not dirty or something that shouldn't be talked about.  How they see sex now will influence them as adolescents, teenagers and adults.  So it is important to me to make a good impression now.