14 August 2010

Traditional & Progressive Schools

I cannot understand why any parent would send their kids to a school where they would be 45 in a class and 5 or more classes per level when there are so many other school choices.  That is the exact sort of school I went to (I think we were 400+ in my batch) and it wasn't a very good learning environment.  It was great for making friends and planning for the weekend but we didn't have inspiring teachers or any prodigious developmental moments.  I know many people feel the same way.

When I was looking a school for my earthlings I didn't realize this traditional vs. progressive school was such a hot topic.  I didn't even know what a progressive school was.  What I did know was that there many smaller schools with exceptionally good educators and their goal was to help kids learn.  Unlike the big La Salle and Ateneo types that teach kids to submit their homework no matter who does it, memorize for the multitude of quizzes and tests and to pass to the next level.  It is inevitable, 40+ kids with one teacher is ridiculous.  There is no way that teacher, no matter how exceptional he or she is, can get through to all these kids or give them the attention they need.

Progressive schools are more expensive though so I see why a parent would think twice or thrice about it.  However if the budget permits it, then why not a progressive school?  I just don't get why anyone would choose the other option.  I don't get why parents would scrimp on their kids education.  Of all things to cut back on, your kid's education shouldn't be one of them.  Be cheap when you eat out, when you buy bags, when you travel, when you upgrade your gadgets.  But being frugal on your child's education is just wrong.

And please don't tell me that the dad want them to go to their Alma mater.  That just makes me want to puke.  You think that's good enough a reason?    

Explorations is hosting a discussion forum The Inside Scoop on Traditional & Progressive Setting.  It is a good venue to learn more about both school settings from parents and kids from both progressive and traditional schools.  They will have families of kids that go to Keys, Beacon, La Salle Greenhills, Ateneo and more.  I went to the one last yer and it is not at all biased, in fact it is more informative.  You'll get the advantages and disadvantages of both traditional and progressive schools.  The forum is on Saturday, August 21 from 9:00-11:00 am.  It is free for Explorations parents and guests will be charged a P350 fee per person.

We all went to traditional schools and didn't turn out that bad.  But I don't want my kids to be not bad, I want them to the best they can.  If they can do better than I did, then why not?