30 September 2010

The Beaver

People have been telling Gael that he has Justin Bieber hair.  He shrugged it off until he got it so much that he asked me "Who is Justin Beaver?".  I told him he was a singer and we googled some pictures.  He was thrilled.  "Mama, he's a rock star!"  Not exactly but I suppose at 5 there are no lines between a pop idol and a rock star.  Everyday now he brushes his hair to look like the Beaver.  This sparked an interest to wear hoodies because Justin Beaver wears them.

He has also recently been picking Jonas or iCarly over cartoons.  He says they are so cool and awesome.  Awesome for me.  Soon he's going to be wanting the Jonas and the Beaver CDs.  Oh no, he's going to want them on my iPod so we can play them while we have dinner.  Awesome.