13 September 2010

Living Iconoclastic In Catholic Manila

I've mentioned before that I'm not a fan of the Catholic Church and because of that I am not quite sure how to deal with religion when it comes to the earthlings.  I've been trying to do it gradually with a couple bible stories.  Yes, a couple.  That's how far we've gone.  I know, I am totally slacking.  (Side Note: they're really good at football, art and reading.)

The thing I don't want them to ever, ever have is that Catholic guilt I was brought up with.  I want them to learn to be their best by trying, not by pointing out all things the church says are bad.  I'll never forget when I learned about the 10 commandments and confession before receiving my first holy communion.  What pressure on a 7-year-old child!!!  To have a first confession when one hasn't sinned at all.  Oh and let's not forget about original sin.  I just don't get point.

So here I am trying my best to keep what I consider the ugly side of Catholicism away from my earthlings but apparently that's not possible when they have friends from a Catholic all girls school in an unnamed village in Makati.  Unfortunately some things never change and Gael has been led to believe by twin 7-year-olds that "God is in all of us so when you fight me, you fight God."  What a nightmare!

God is strong.  God is just.  God is beautiful.  God is generous.  They could have passed these positive and lovely points to Gael but instead they show him the art of threatening and using religion.  I can only hope that this isn't all they've been learning from religion class.  Although I seriously doubt a religion class will ever be progressive, not in the Philippines at least.  I can't wait to see the wonder twins next and give them a dose of my pragmatism, I will definitely be the most unpopular mom on the block.