18 October 2010

Do You Post Pictures of Your Kids Online?

This Momversation video got me rehashing the idea of posting pictures of the earthlings online.  I had a major issue with someone grabbing pictures of Gael and posting them elsewhere around 4 years ago.  That was when I was posting all family pictures on Multiply.  There is this site Eurasiannation, on it they have a forum and somewhere there was a thread about Filipinos who are part European or mestizo.  That thread was a complete violation of privacy.  There was a whole post about Paco, who is half Spanish, and Gael.  Pictures from my, my sister's and my brother's Multiply sites were there to show how mestizo my husband and son are.  Plus a short background on Paco which was taken from his website.  We weren't the only ones, there were pictures of people's weddings, baptisms, family vacations, birthday parties and a hell of a lot more.

I was so upset and that was the only time it dawned on me that anything that you post online you surrender to the world wide web.  I changed privacy settings on Multiply but I still don't trust it.  This is why I don't post pictures on Facebook, I don't trust them either.  I do post pictures on this blog though.  I figure that a few pictures won't be that harmful.  Pictures that are posted in the right context, that tell a story or a feeling and not hundreds of pictures of their birthdays or our Christmas or in swimsuits on vacation.  And NEVER a naked picture of them.  I could be wrong, but I feel much safer this way. 

That thread was removed from the forum along with the hundreds of pictures of light haired and/or skinned Filipinos with Spanish sounding family names.  My mom, my sister and I barraged them with letters of complaint and proof that those pictures were ours and not of the person posting on their site.  We never heard from them but the thread was deleted.  

Do you feel safe posting pictures of your kids online?