17 October 2010

Living With An Adversary

Aiden is the quintessential youngest child who wants to be a baby forever.  Nearly 40 pounds and right at the 3.5 year mark, he still begs to be carried like a baby and fed.  But that doesn't stop him from the being the sneaky, little devil that he is.  When we've gone out to the mall or a restaurant and he's hasn't driven me crazy, I tell him how proud I am of his good behavior.  Never fails he then asks me "You mean I wasn't a bad boy?  Not even a little bit?", disappointed by not being remotely naughty.

He's always up to something and most of the time it involves driving his brother to tears.  It is perfect for Aiden as his brother is the most pikon (sorest loser) person I've even met in my life.  Even worse than my older cousin Enrique who used to scare the shit out of us younger cousins when we were kids.  It takes just a teeny bit of taunting and small amount of annoying to get his brother seething, from there it doesn't take long before Gael turns into the Incredible Hulk.

Right when I've had it with this devil and am about to give him away to the highest bidder, he does the sweetest, most heart exploding thing.  He gives me the biggest hug, kisses my hand and my cheeks, asks for kisses all over, gives me a flower from the neighbor's driveway, tells me he loves me.  This little guy is well skilled in the arts of charming, getting his way and conning people.  So I end up keeping him. 

Did I already mention that he is a sneaky devil?

There are few constructive things to be said about having a devil (or two) in the family.  He is not a boring kid, he is absolutely entertaining and tons of fun.  Trust me, with him at home there is never a dull moment.  No one can resist his charms and he is a favorite among the grown ups (does that mean that adults are bigger fool, than kids?  hmmmmm).  I top the short list with his bright future as a con artist.  Ka-ching!