Friday, October 22, 2010

Motherhood Is Sweet

Yesterday, Aiden was late for lunch so when he got to the table it was all cleared and there was no more food.  He cried and screamed but I sent him to his room for his nap without anything to eat.  I had been waiting for this day to come and had a happy little smirk all afternoon.

She didn't feed him?  Even when he cried and asked for food?  And she is happy?

YES!    YES!     YES!

Aiden has all the delaying tactics in world to not come when it is mealtime.  He has to go to the bathroom, he wants to get one toy, Penguinito (yes, that's what he calls his little penguins) is all alone upstairs, McQueen wants to come to the table.  This guy is even better than I ever was at giving excuses.  Then there are days when he doesn't even bother with reasoning.  He'll just ignore me, the food and everyone else, and do what ever the hell wants to.

He was driving nuts so I made a new rule.  After calling them to lunch or dinner, I would then inform them that the meal would be served for the next 20 minutes.  I even put my mobile alarm on, it's the one thing they cannot dispute when it comes to time.  Despite all this Aiden always made it to the table before those 20 minutes were over.  He'd run to his chair two minutes before the alarm went off.  Two frigging minutes!  When the alarm would go, he'd look at me with that up-yours-you-evil-manipulative-conniving-bitch-mama look.

But yesterday the Gods were good to me.  I finally won.  He was so late everything was cleared by the time he got to the table.  He wailed when he realized that I wasn't exaggerating when I said the meal would be over.  So he screamed and sobbed, quivered his lips, threw his head in his hands and threw himself on the sofa.  HA!  You snooze, you loose.  That's what I was thinking but I said something more along the lines of lunch is over, it's now nap time.  Then he looked up and gave me the most pitiful, sad look and I looked back at him with that shove-it-you-evil-manipulative-conniving-little-devil look.

Ah, motherhood is sweet.


  1. You go girl!!! Yzabella is also at this stage that she has been testing my patience. I also have a rule. If she starts acting up and doesn't sit down to eat, I have them take the food away. Lunch is over. She can take up to 1 1/2hrs to eat if I let her. Haaaaay!!!!

  2. hahaha! he is so funny! but because of the way you told the story, i'm happy you won this time! ; ) i can't believe he has an internal alarm that gets him to the table 2 mins before the end of meal time. what a guy!

  3. Ines, so far I'm only working on the getting to the table when the food is served. The length of the meal is whole other thing I suppose I'll get to. Sometime.

  4. You're doin a GOOOOD JOB momma!!! I have a little she-devil in the house too!

  5. I used to have the same problem, and like you I resorted to using my mobile's alarm, too. I would set it at 30 minutes starting when I call everyone that it is mealtime. Punishment for not finishing on time would be no TV, but sometimes they do not mind NOT watching TV so I changed it to doing math worksheets. hehe! Now, my kids know better than to be late for meals

  6. They just love testing our limits, see how far they can go.