12 October 2010

When We Were Cool

When we were 12 my friends and I used to hang out at the mall, at the original Greenbelt.  We'd watch movies and try to look cool at McDonald's.  At 14 we still went to Greenbelt but this time we tried to look cool in front of the boys.  By 16 we thought we were so cool we started smoking and drinking, going to the fake Hard Rock Cafe at  Milelong and danced at Faces and Euphoria till midnight and our dates turned into pumpkins.    Now 18-20 is a blur of tequila shots at parties, stoplights at Pep's and beer pitchers at San Mig.  Tagay!  Now, 16 years and over a dozen kids later, we don't give a shit about being cool.  We just eat out.  And boy do we eat out.  We eat and eat and eat.  And then eat more (just in case you didn't get the point).

Lord, I love my friends but I love my waistline too.  Puhleeeeezzzzz, give me the strength to practice yoga no matter how stuffed I am.  Amen.