11 November 2010

Angry Birds

Hi I'm Rone and I'm an Angry Birds addict.  Oh the shame of it!  I cannot stop slinging those damn birds.  But you know what really gets me?  Those smug green pigs even smile and snicker at you when you don't beat the crap out them with a bird bomb.  Assholes!  I don't even have an iPhone, I have to use Paco's.  Sometimes when he is sleeping I sneak over to the other side of the bed and take his phone from the night table.

For the record, it's TOTALLY Gael's fault.  He was the one that begged Paco to download it because apparently all 5-year-olds play Angry Birds.  Then he was stuck in a level and needed some help.  It took me three friggin' days to finish the level but I did it.  I've been hooked since then, Gael and I even compare notes and do difficult levels as a team.  Seriously, what a bad influence this guy is.