24 November 2010

The Bookworm Levels Up

My little bookworm is turning into a literary snoot.  Aiden can't live without books, he could spend days enjoying his favorite books over and over again.  He may be a little devil but he redeems himself being a little savant.  He reads his books so much that he can tell me the story without skipping any details.  There was a time that I used to skip pages of the long books or summarize the page in my own words so he doesn't get to bed too late.  My mom must be tsk-tsking and shaking her head in mortification.  She was a literature teacher for over 30 years and made me do book reports in the summer.  Not to worry Mama, he soon caught on and called me out on my shameful literary cheating tactics.

A couple of weeks ago he as decided that he will choose books by their author (and writing style, I suppose).  When he first asked me to read Roberta Edwards I was all WHO????  WHAT??? DUH!!!! Hey, she's the author of a non-fiction penguin book, so I'm not doing that bad.