23 November 2010

More Mama Induced Guilt

Yesterday I lost my voice.  If only I could tell you that I lost it from screaming over the deafening music of the DJ while clubbing till 5 a.m. the night before but the truth is the only thing I did was watch the cheesy Xanadu musical with my sister.  The matinee show at 3 p.m. 

So Aiden spent yesterday asking me why I lost my voice.  Perhaps more to torture me into speaking and hurt my already sore throat than to get an actual answer.  If he didn't want to torture me, he didn't have to ask me a gazillion times!  Well he isn't the only devil in this house so I tell him that I lost my voice because I have to tell him over and over and over again to brush his teeth, eat his food and take a bath.