12 November 2010

The Nudist

I've got a little nudist in the family.  Who else but Aiden would love stripping down to a bare naked butt and going about his day like there wasn't anything different.  It's absolutely ironic since I am the exact opposite.  I hate being naked.  The first few times I had sex I wanted to do it under the sheets.  Oh shit!  Did I say that out loud?  My mom is reading.  Hi Mama, hope that didn't make run to the bathroom and barf.

What's even more ironic is that he found his love for the nude all thanks to me.  The summer he was one, I'd leave in him just a diaper around the house.  Next he was refusing to wear any clothes at all.  Whether it was to  sleep or to leave the house.  Now that I think of it he toilet trained on his own soon after that summer and I am sure it was to could get rid of the diaper and bask in his glorious nakedness.  Yep, that is definitely something Aiden would do.

It's taken me a bit of getting used to but I'm totally cool about it now.  I figure he just likes to be aired every so often.  Sometimes I even let him have a meal naked.  Only when Paco the table manners Nazi isn't around though. 

Still, I hope he doesn't become a nudist teenager with pubes and all.