11 November 2010

Running With The Pack

If you've been here before than you already know that my earthlings are at a progressive preschool and they will be going to a progressive grade school after that.  I've talked about Explorations many times - such as here, here, here and here.  Can you tell that I love this school so much?  The earthlings love it even more.

Next year Gael moves on to Keys Grade School.  I've been preparing him for it for months now so he doesn't get shocked or miss his old school so much.  Just keeping him in loop of things for the most part and enrolling him in the Taekwondo after school class at Keys.  He's been excited and is thrilled to be going to school where the big kids are.

Every now and then though he gets this need to assimilate and asks "So when will I go to La Salle or Ateneo?"  Subtly I tell him NEVER!  He usually responds with an enthusiastic OH YEAH!  But I get a whole slew of reactions that usually show he senses being a tad out of place with his friends.  Ralf said La Salle is better.  Joaquin said Ateneo is best in basket ball.  They said my school is a baby school.

Damn green archers and blue eagles.  So young and already brainwashed.

I knew this would happen and I promised myself I wouldn't tell him its all a crock of shit.  Even if it is.  Instead I tell him my story, that I went to a school a lot like La Salle or Ateneo where there were over 40 kids in a class and ten classes per level.  I didn't know all of the teachers, the teachers didn't really know me, there wasn't enough time for everyone in the class to participate and it's all around more rigid and strict.  I tell him that I chose Keys because they will take care of him and that he will love it just as much (or maybe even more) as Explorations. 

I know that I am making the right choice and I know that he'll love his new school.  If only he was less of a conformist.  Think out of the box, babe!