06 December 2010

By The Christmas Tree

Gael:  Mama, can I open my Christmas gifts?

Me:  But it isn't Christmas yet.

Gael:  Please!  Please!  PUHLEEZ!

Me:  Alright but just one a day and you have to ask me which one you can open before opening anything.

Paco:  WHAT?!?!?  No way, only on Christmas Eve.  Gael, you'll just have to wait.

Ah, Christmas with a square daddy-o.  I've never really waited till Christmas to open presents.  As a kid I used to open the corners, take a peak and seal it closed again.  When I got older I started opening presents from friends and colleagues whenever I felt like it.  It's the best way to open presents in Manila where the whole world and their neighbor's mother in law give you something, I got exited over each present and it felt like my birthday for weeks.