20 December 2010

One Of The Boys

I've got a not so little earthling that is such a guy. He likes guy things and only guy things.  He doesn't want to wear pink, wipes off kisses and loves to wrestle.  He has always been athletic, unbelievably well coordinated and macho.  I swear he was born with an extra dose of testosterone.  So was I actually, so I shouldn't be surprised.  Having this little dude has made every day exciting.  Up until recently.  Now I am just annoyed.

For quite some time now he has taken to putting anything and everything into a boy category or a girl category.  You name it - voices, colors, games, movies, books, super powers - he labels it.  If anything falls in the girl category he'll go running in the absolute opposite direction.  These days it really pisses me off when he says something is only for girls.  Dude, didn't you hear about the woman that had a sex change to be a man and then got pregnant.  THRICE!

Friends tell me to shrug it off saying it's from school and the influence from friends.  This only makes me feel worse.  If he does get it from friends then it can only mean that his friends live in homes with a different philosophy.  Even worse, it is something not within my control.  This I suspect translates to more work for this earthling mama.

In my world men and women are equals, not the same but equals, and I'll be damned if any of my boys becomes sexist.

This is what I get for teasing scaring parents of girls.