26 October 2010

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Guerrero

Happy Halloween!  

First Friend


Aiden has a friend.  Not just a classmate cause that's plain cheating.  Classmates don't have a choice but to be with classmates every single day.  But this is a real neighborhood friend.  They hang at each others' places.  They run around the park together.  They looks for each other.  They do toy swaps, or at least Aiden does.  This guy has always been a lone ranger, a total one-man show.  Having a friend has pretty much been unconquered territory for this earthling.

For the first time in 3 and a half years the little devil isn't bugging me all day.  While I savor how glorious life is, I'm left with the bitter taste of having lost something that will never be found again.

25 October 2010

My Penguin

You'd think that fulfilling a dream of becoming a penguin would make Aiden happy, but that would be too easy.  Aiden lives off ambivalence and takes his role in life as an antagonistic to heart. 

For the Explorations Halloween he was upset that he had to wear underwear when penguins DO NOT.  Duh, Mama, ever seen a penguin with Batman jockeys before????

Then at the at the neighborhood trick or treat he refused to walk and dirty his flippers.

P.S.   Yes, yes, we are weird.  We celebrate Halloween a week early since people skip town for the long weekend.

22 October 2010

Motherhood Is Sweet

Yesterday, Aiden was late for lunch so when he got to the table it was all cleared and there was no more food.  He cried and screamed but I sent him to his room for his nap without anything to eat.  I had been waiting for months upon months for this day to come and had a happy little smirk all afternoon.

She didn't feed him?  Even when he cried and asked for food?  And she is happy?

YES!    YES!     YES!

Aiden has all the delaying tactics in world to not come when it is mealtime.  He has to go to the bathroom, he wants to get one toy, Penguinito (yes, that's what he calls his little penguins) is all alone upstairs, McQueen wants to come to the table.  This guy is even better than I ever was at making up excuses and, um, let's just say extending the truth.  Then there are days when he doesn't even bother with reasoning.  He'll just ignore me, the food and everyone else, and do what ever the hell wants to.

He was driving nuts and I was ready to pull my hair out so I made a new rule.  Meals last exactly 20 minutes. After calling them to lunch or dinner, I let them know that the meal would be served for the next 20 minutes.  I even put my mobile alarm on, the iPhone the one thing they cannot dispute when it comes to time.  Despite all this scheming and planning Aiden always made it to the table before those 20 minutes were over.  He'd run to his chair two minutes before the alarm went off.  Two frigging minutes!  When the alarm would go, he'd look at me with that up-yours-you-evil-manipulative-conniving-bitch-mama look.

But yesterday the Gods were good to me.  I finally won.  He was so late everything was cleared by the time he got to the table.  He wailed when he realized that I wasn't exaggerating when I said the meal would be over.  So he screamed and sobbed, quivered his lips, threw his head in his hands and threw himself on the sofa.  HA!  A toddler's loss is mother's victory.  That's what I was thinking but I said something more along the lines of lunch is over, it's now nap time.  Then he looked up and gave me the most pitiful, sad look and I looked back at him with that shove-it-you-evil-manipulative-conniving-little-devil look.

Ah, motherhood is sweet.

21 October 2010

Shameless Plug (But For A Good Cause)

In this post I won't tell you how excellent a photographer my husband is.  Nor will I brag about his beautiful images.  I won't even talk about how perfect he is at lighting.  Let me just tell you about the Ballet Philippines Art Auction instead.  The Art Auction allows us to embrace art and help Ballet Philippines in the education and mentoring of their dancers and scholars.  Paco has contributed six prints to their cause.

Here are my favorites:

The art auction will be held on October 28, Thursday at the FVR Park, 26th cor 7th Streets, Bonifacio Global City, 6-9pm.  

To learn more about the art auction click here, to see the gallery of art click here.

18 October 2010

Do You Post Pictures of Your Kids Online?

This Momversation video got me rehashing the idea of posting pictures of the earthlings online.  I had a major issue with someone grabbing pictures of Gael and posting them elsewhere around 4 years ago.  That was when I was posting all family pictures on Multiply.  There is this site Eurasiannation, on it they have a forum and somewhere there was a thread about Filipinos who are part European or mestizo.  That thread was a complete violation of privacy.  There was a whole post about Paco, who is half Spanish, and Gael.  Pictures from my, my sister's and my brother's Multiply sites were there to show how mestizo my husband and son are.  Plus a short background on Paco which was taken from his website.  We weren't the only ones, there were pictures of people's weddings, baptisms, family vacations, birthday parties and a hell of a lot more.

I was so upset and that was the only time it dawned on me that anything that you post online you surrender to the world wide web.  I changed privacy settings on Multiply but I still don't trust it.  This is why I don't post pictures on Facebook, I don't trust them either.  I do post pictures on this blog though.  I figure that a few pictures won't be that harmful.  Pictures that are posted in the right context, that tell a story or a feeling and not hundreds of pictures of their birthdays or our Christmas or in swimsuits on vacation.  And NEVER a naked picture of them.  I could be wrong, but I feel much safer this way. 

That thread was removed from the forum along with the hundreds of pictures of light haired and/or skinned Filipinos with Spanish sounding family names.  My mom, my sister and I barraged them with letters of complaint and proof that those pictures were ours and not of the person posting on their site.  We never heard from them but the thread was deleted.  

Do you feel safe posting pictures of your kids online?

17 October 2010

At The Neighbor's

That's where Gael has been all day.  And when I say all day I mean all frigging day.  He left after breakfast and didn't come home till bath and bed time.  This neighbor is his cousin and favorite person in the whole wide world.  I could go to hell so long as Teo is around.  Teo had gone on a two week family vacation and left Gael sad.  Sad as when he doesn't get that extra ride at Fun Ranch.  Today they were reunited and the bromance continues.

Living With An Adversary

Aiden is the quintessential youngest child who wants to be a baby forever.  Nearly 40 pounds and right at the 3.5 year mark, he still begs to be carried like a baby and fed.  But that doesn't stop him from the being the sneaky, little devil that he is.  When we've gone out to the mall or a restaurant and he's hasn't driven me crazy, I tell him how proud I am of his good behavior.  Never fails he then asks me "You mean I wasn't a bad boy?  Not even a little bit?", disappointed by not being remotely naughty.

He's always up to something and most of the time it involves driving his brother to tears.  It is perfect for Aiden as his brother is the most pikon (sorest loser) person I've even met in my life.  Even worse than my older cousin Enrique who used to scare the shit out of us younger cousins when we were kids.  It takes just a teeny bit of taunting and small amount of annoying to get his brother seething, from there it doesn't take long before Gael turns into the Incredible Hulk.

Right when I've had it with this devil and am about to give him away to the highest bidder, he does the sweetest, most heart exploding thing.  He gives me the biggest hug, kisses my hand and my cheeks, asks for kisses all over, gives me a flower from the neighbor's driveway, tells me he loves me.  This little guy is well skilled in the arts of charming, getting his way and conning people.  So I end up keeping him. 

Did I already mention that he is a sneaky devil?

There are few constructive things to be said about having a devil (or two) in the family.  He is not a boring kid, he is absolutely entertaining and tons of fun.  Trust me, with him at home there is never a dull moment.  No one can resist his charms and he is a favorite among the grown ups (does that mean that adults are bigger fool, than kids?  hmmmmm).  I top the short list with his bright future as a con artist.  Ka-ching!

12 October 2010

When We Were Cool

When we were 12 my friends and I used to hang out at the mall, at the original Greenbelt.  We'd watch movies and try to look cool at McDonald's.  At 14 we still went to Greenbelt but this time we tried to look cool in front of the boys.  By 16 we thought we were so cool we started smoking and drinking, going to the fake Hard Rock Cafe at  Milelong and danced at Faces and Euphoria till midnight and our dates turned into pumpkins.    Now 18-20 is a blur of tequila shots at parties, stoplights at Pep's and beer pitchers at San Mig.  Tagay!  Now, 16 years and over a dozen kids later, we don't give a shit about being cool.  We just eat out.  And boy do we eat out.  We eat and eat and eat.  And then eat more (just in case you didn't get the point).

Lord, I love my friends but I love my waistline too.  Puhleeeeezzzzz, give me the strength to practice yoga no matter how stuffed I am.  Amen.

10 October 2010

Tagalog Trouble Resolved

Ever dependable Teacher Marissa came to the rescue and resolved the puzzle that was The Jeepney song

Ang jeepney ni mang Juan
ay may butas sa gulong
Ang jeepney ni mang Juan
ay may butas sa gulong
Ang jeepney ni mang Juan
ay may butas sa gulong
Lagyan/takpan natin bubble gum!

Even if Aiden won't budge and insists that his words are right and not mine, thank you!

09 October 2010

Tagalog Trouble

I have a shameful confession to make.  My earthlings do not speak Tagalog.  I know, I know, it's not very Filipino of me.  In my defense they've only lived here for 20 months and I haven't quite gotten around to it.  They learned this Tagalog song in school but for the life of me cannot figure out what they are singing.  This is Aiden's version:

The jeepney, wawa
And a booty seculo
The jeepney, wawa
And a booty seculo
The jeepney, wawa
And a booty seculo
It's a snapping in the bubble gum


Anyone know this song?  Any Explorations mamas? Give me a break, not knowing what the song is all about is driving me crazy.

05 October 2010

Bravo Robert Edwards

Robert Edwards wins the Nobel Prize for medicine.  Robert Edwards revolutionized the treatment of infertility in the world by discovering IVF.  Thanks to him over 4 million babies have been born to parents who, without infertility treatment, would  not have had children.  Thanks to him non traditional parents such as gay couples and single parents can now have children of their own. 

The first IVF baby, Louise Brown, is now a mama herself and she was able to conceive naturally.

Thank you Robert Edwards!

04 October 2010

At The Grocery

Over the weekend we took a trip to one of the earthlings' favorite places - the grocery.  We were at S&R where they like to sit side by side, annoy the hell out of each other and make me look like the crazy screaming mom on The Supernanny.

Gael:  "Mama, you know when we're outdoors in school the girls like chasing me and Joaquin."

Me:  "Fun!"

Gael:  "No, it's not fun."

Me:  "Why not?"

Gael:  "Because they give us kisses."

Me:  "Kiss them back.  They might not want to kiss you in 10 years."

Gael:  "No!  Kisses are EWWWWYYYYYY!!!!!"

Whatever.  We get the bread, cheese and frozen spinach we needed.  Just when I was thinking that Aiden must be sick as he was awfully quiet.

Aiden:  "Kuya (older brother), I'm going to kiss you!"  He purses his lips to prove it.

Gael:  "NO!"

Aiden:  "Kuuuuuyaaaaaa, I'm going to keeeeeeessssssssss you!!!!!"  He purses his lips AND lunges forward.

Gael:  "NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  He pushes Aiden's face away from him as far as his arm can reach.

As you can imagine, the rest of that shopping trip was a total joyride.

01 October 2010

Jump Shots

How can I not join in when jumping is a specialty in and out of the Guerrero house?

Gael always takes the leap of faith.  Seen here at 2, 3 and 4.

mommy moments

The Joker

Going Academic

I handed in Gael's Keys Grade School application form yesterday.  With it came a big doze of reality.  My jaw is still dragging on the floor at the thought that he will be in a REAL school next year.  He is in preschool but that's more fun and games.  Sure he learns from it but I don't really care if he doesn't, all I want is for him to have fun.  I feel absolutely no pressure for the earthlings to learn to read or write just yet.  I know it will happen when they are ready.  But big school is making me rethink that philosophy.

Elementary School.  Big School.  Grade School.  Sounds way too serious to me.

Next year at nearly 6 Gael will be Prep.  Shock.  Shock.  Horror.  Horror.  Six?  How can that be?  More than nostalgia it is wonderment.  Amazed that he now has a world of his on that doesn't involve me.  Surprised that he will soon be a little person with responsibilities of his own.  As a baby he was more like a doll, an extension of me.  An annoying doll that cried every 3-4 hours to be fed.  A doll that made me giddy with love, happiness and all the sap and cheese that comes along with him down the birth canal.

These days he spends entire afternoons playing with his neighborhood friends in a world of dinosaur hunters and superhero adventures.  His schedule is busier than mine with school, football, taekwondo and birthday parties.   I suppose academic responsibility is due.  But it sure as hell feels like I'm the one going to start prep at a new grade school next year all over again.