01 January 2011

I'm Excited for the New Year

The holidays are over.  Phew!  Finally it's back to some semblance of sanity.  As you might have expected I'm not exactly the sort of person that plays Christmas carols while putting up the tree, enjoys wrapping presents or makes Christmas sugar cookies with the kids.  There is no scent of peppermint wafting in the air at my home neither are there any organized Martha moments where we sit around and make crafty, home made Christmas crap.

No.  I am more of the bah humbug type. 

How can I not get all Scroogey?  Before kids the holidays meant crazy drinking, a month long party that never seemed to end and monumental hangovers.  Now, after kids, I'm stuck with a Christmas list longer than my twitter followers (hint! hint!), I HAVE to decorate the house because ALL the other kids have Christmasy homes, my sorry over 35 ass can barely party or drink or be out past midnight and to top things off I always look pregnant by December 19th after all the gluttonous feasting.

I'm sick and tired of hearing about this elusive spirit of Christmas.  Hold on!  Before you all start pelting me with the cookies, cakes and ensaimadas that are coming out of your ears just amuse me.   You've got to agree that the spirit of Christmas is lost with all the marketing, business and traffic of the season.  Come on, admit it.  I'm sure you've felt it at some point in December of every year.  Say right at the moment when you've opened your 13th generic and not thought of gift of incense.  Or when you've received your fifth box of cupcakes.    


BUT I am not a total party pooper.   As much as I'm not Ms. Jolly Holiday, I love New Year.  New Year's is a holiday without any obligations, it is just one fun party.  AND you get to do the conga line if you're a member of my family.  Whoopee!!!  It is a night when most party like rock stars and try to top it each year.  Even if I can't party like a rock star anymore and don't even bother trying, the new year still gets me excited.  Not excited to party but excited for a new year and all that comes with it.  I always think that the year ahead is going to be good one.