03 January 2011

My Lion's Mane

Last night was my brother's engagement party/dinner/pamanhikan so I told the boys they had to be squeaky clean, wear decent clothes, pretend to be good boys and bribed them with chocolate cake.  Gael runs to me distressed after he showers and gets dressed because his hair isn't fluffy enough.  As I bit my tongue and stopped myself from peeing in my pants laughing, I tried to convince him that once his hair dried it would get fluffy again.  Then I quickly distract him with cartoons so I could peacefully try to not look pregnant in  an empire dress, manage to get my hair to look half decent and struggle concealing my eye bags with some make up.  Then, I see the weirdest thing out of the corner of my eye.  There was Gael, Indian sit on the floor, with his head upside down, drying his hair with the electric fan.  Exactly what I do when I'm too lazy to blow dry my hair.

He sees me standing there staring, he grins and triumphantly says he is fluffing up his hair.  HOKAY!  Great role modeling, Rone.  Now the kid think fluffy hair is in.  Great.  First Justin Bieber, now this.  If he only knew how hard I try to unfluff my hair and when I do the electric fan dry I am doing the exact opposite of fluffing my hair. 

The fluff factor doesn't end here.  Nah, of course not!  I couldn't be so lucky.  When Paco buckles him into his car seat, he slumps down, crosses his arms across his chest and HMMMPPPHHHSSSS.  His damn hair WASN'T FLUFFY enough EVEN after he did the amazing electric fan trick.  Paco and I think this is the perfect time for a knee slapping throw your head back laugh.  However we are amazing parents (and parents to the most sensitive boy in the world), so we knew better.  The best I could do at that moment was to promise to fix the fluff when we get there.

As soon as we get out of the car I scrunch his hair a bit and tell him to shake his head like shaggy dog after a bath.  Finally this brings a smile to his face and a strut to his step.  In time for my gracious family to complement him on his hair.  Awwwww, nothing like family to lie to you just to make you feel good.