25 January 2011


A few months ago, Aiden walked up to me, looked at me with the sweetest eyes and the biggest smile and said "Mama, you're the best!"  Oh my God, you are so my favorite child.  I quickly looked at Paco and gave him a HA! you suck look.  Later that same afternoon as we were headed out the shneaky little guy runs up to Paco and tells HIM he is the best.  Of course Paco turns to me  and throws me a BWAHAHAHA you fool look.

Damn, I so believed the little devil.

Wait, it's not over.

He has now realized he can use this superlative against us and decides he will any chance he gets.  In the mornings when I ask him, tell him and force him to brush his teeth.  When I end TV time and make him play, listen to music or read.  At meal times when I am sure he was sent as my penance for all the sins I ever have or will ever commit.  He whines, cries, stomps his feet and declares "Mama, you're NOT the best."

Oh you haven't seen nothing yet.