05 January 2011

Three Kings

When I was little we got an extension to the holidays the first Sunday of January.  I thought I was one of the few lucky girls in the world.  My cousins and I left a shoe at my Nana's house and The Three Kings came and brought us presents.  It was even cooler than Santa.  They had camels and their camels left muddy hoof prints and they scattered hay everywhere.  I didn't realize then that my cousins and I weren't the only ones on the planet that got visited by the Three Kings.  In fact a ton of other kids got presents from the Three Kings.  WTH, in Spain those guys even come into town and have a parade.  Tonight I was brought back to my Nana's house as I wrapped Three Kings gifts for my earthlings.  Paco's parents and siblings sent presents over for the earthlings and we decided that we'd save them for Three Kings.  Since Paco is half Spanish and the boys were born in Spain, they should have some connection to their roots. 

I wasn't too thrilled at having to wrap again, so I found this video of arguably the coolest woman on earth singing her version of We Three Kings to perk me up