13 February 2011


Gael started football class last summer and discovered the adrenalin rush of scoring a goal.  Kicking that ball in the net made his day in the same way that not scoring absolutely ruined his day.  Which subsequently ruined mine with his ESPN like agony of defeat tears and temper.  Recently we noticed that he suddenly prefers stay back and not really go for the ball.  So in my embarrassing stage soccer mom voice I try to get him back to being the striker he wants to be.

Me:  Gael, if you want to score a goal you going to have  go for it and try to get the ball.

Gael:  But they push me and pull my shirt.

Me:  Well that's all part of the game. 

Gael:  But they hurt my feelings when they push me.

Me:  They don't push you because they don't like you.   Everyone is pushing everyone to get the ball.

Gael:  But I don't like them hurting my feelings.

How do you tell a 5-year-old not to take it personally?