10 February 2011

To Bang Or Not To Bang

I have this crazy urge to get me some bangs.  So I'm finding all the strength to resist this absolutely stupid idea or I will have to suffer with a clump of hair stuck to my forehead in the crazy summer heat.  My hair and I have gone through almost everything, everything except a perm, a straightening and a shave.  Actually I did want a perm but I was 6 and my 80s perm wearing mother told me no way.  Looking back at the pictures I realize it must have been her perm that made her make such a wise decision.  She let me set my hair in rollers in the afternoons and weekends and that was good enough for me.

I've gone black, brunette, blond, red, stripes, two toned, three toned and all sorts of crazy highlights.  I've probably worn the bob in all possible ways, I've had long Farah Fawcett hair, I had the siete cut in the 80s, I did the lotsa knots in the hopes of being cool like Bjork, I even had a European mullet in Europe in 2002.  I swear about the mullet, I'll look for a picture to prove it to you.  Despite my hair victim status, bangs are always a bad idea.  The handful of times I've done it, I promise myself I will never do it again.

But then there is that crazy voice nagging at me.  It's only hair, it will grow back.  Are you a hair wuz? You can do it.