06 March 2011

For The Victor

Your team may have been two players short and you had to play four games in four hours but you still won third place.  Sure it was third out of five, but you did win and it gave you the biggest thrill.  You had an even bigger smile than when you opened that Power Rangers motorcycle present from Santa.  I was never into being a spectator at sports games but now I don't mind the early rise, the six scorching hours in the sun or the tank top tan lines I end up with for weeks.  Hell, I'm even enjoying the cheering, screaming and coaching when the real coach isn't helping.  Yes, I'm that kind of a soccer mom.

I'm probably supposed to tell you that winning isn't everything and all that bullshit but I'll save that for when you don't get a trophy and medal.  Today was a day for top dogs, so I'll let you bask in that Cristiano Ronaldo moment for as long as it lasts.