01 March 2011

The Joy of Boys

People always give me the big-eyed look of horror when they hear that my earthling boys are both below six and twenty months apart.  Trying to be compassionate they say 'That must be so hard!'  Clearly they are blinded by the tutu skirts, the pigtails and the Barbie dolls.  Boys are free spirits, they are wild and full of energy.  These boys rule my universe.

Then there are those moments.  Those moments when I realize those people were right, things would be better with girls.  Boys after all are boys no matter how old they are and this can only mean one thing - penises.  The last couple of years penises means pee drops in the bathroom.  Lots of them.  All over the fucking place.    On the seat, on the lid, on the mat, on the floor.  It's gross and it drives me KUHREYZEE.  I never actually taught them to pee standing up.  They had no clue, I led them to believe that everyone peed sitting down and Paco was lone weirdo that would pee standing up.  Until they saw other little boys do it and realized that it would be totally amusing to torture me with one of the biggest indignation that women ever go through.