23 March 2011

Martha Plimpton is Back

I've been catching bits and pieces of the new series Raising Hope with no other than Martha Plimpton.    The show is hilarious.  But I just can't get over Martha Plimpton.  She's back, she cracks me up and she's frigging Martha Plimpton.    Is it too much to mention Martha Plimpton thrice in a paragraph of four sentences? 

If you were born in the 80s or God forbid even later go troll other blogs because I absolutely do not want to hear Martha WHO?  This Martha was one of the coolest chicks ever.  She was in The Goonies, Mosquito Coast, Running on Empy and was the long time girlfriend of River Phoenix.  When I was a teenager every girl I knew wanted to be her and more accurately get River Phoenix in her. 

Thing is when I finally got to see a full episode I was sickened to see that Martha Plimpton was actually playing the GRANDMOTHER!!!  The grand frigging mother.  Sure she is the young mother to a young father but is still a grandmother no matter how you look at it.  No fucking way, there is no way that this is possible.  If she is playing a grandmother, that only means that technically I am part of her granny generation.  I try to convince myself that just the thought of it is completely absurd.  But I can do the math.  I have friends with kids old enough to have lost their virginity which only means that the next generation can produce offspring any moment now.  No, it isn't impossible. 

However I am late in the motherhood race, so I can still live in the delusion of being a young mother when I should be saying the mother of young children.