15 March 2011

Preparing for Summer

Gael was thrilled to find an unsolicited Toys R Us catalog that arrived at out doorstep.  Why people insist on wasting our depleting natural resource to try and sell us the latest in summer toys is beyond comprehension.  As if summer play things have changed much in the last 30 years.  Hmmmm, let's see there are the inflatable pools, floatees, goggles, water guns, shovels, pails.  Did I miss anything else?  Do you need anything else?

So Gael browsed through it from cover to cover about 3,197 times.  Screeching, gasping and begging me to buy every other toy in the damned thing.

Gael:  Mama, can you buy me this big pool?

Me:  Gael, we don't have space for that pool.

Gael:  Mama, can I have this kick board?

Me:  You already have one.

Gael:  Mama, can I have this snorkel and goggles?

Me:  You'll have to learn how to snorkel first.

Gael:  Mama, can I have this Cars floatee?

Me:  Gael, that's for a baby.  You won't fit in it.

Gael:  When you get fat again and the baby comes out of your vagina we can put the baby in the floatee.

Me:  I'll get you the kick board, snorkel and goggles.