15 June 2012

First Blood

We were at the ER today.  No real emergency but our pediatrician, who we love, is out of the country today so I didn't have much of a choice.  Gael's been having a fever, sore throat and headache on and off for the past week.  I managed to get things under control with homeopathic remedies.   But this morning he woke up with a 39ยบ fever, a very sore throat again and no energy.

At the ER they had to draw blood to do a CBC.  Apparently there is dengue going around again, so they were doing the dengue test to all patients with fever.   Fun for me and even more fun for Gael.  This was his first blood test, he cried and made the kid next to us beg his mom to not let them do a blood test on him.  I told him not to look while they do it but he insisted on looking.

While waiting for the results we had some froyo at Pancake House.

Me:  Gael, you were so brave when they got a blood sample from you.

Gael:  Why didn't you want me to look?

Me:  Because it's kinda scary.  I never look when they do it to me.

Gael:  I guess you're a coward.

Me:  Hmpf! I guess you could say that.

Gael:  Can I remove this now?  Referring to the cotton taped to his arm.

Me:  Yes, I'm pretty sure you can.

Gael:  What's this spot?

Me:  That's your blood.

Gael:  COOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!  I'm going to show it to Aiden and Teo and Mik and Ralf and Santiago.  And Joaquin.

He has to stay in till Wednesday, in the meantime that cotton is safely kept in his closet.  He can't wait to be the big macho man on Thursday.

P.S.  No dengue!