06 April 2011

I Think I'm Going To Go Bald

Aiden has been a royal pain in the ass of late.  I can't believe the karma I have to pay in life is so severe.  Certainly I wasn't THAT bad?????  Out of ideas and strategies, tired of pulling my hair out, I decide to have a serious talk with him before bed the other night.

Me:  Aiden, you haven't been behaving very well these past few weeks.

Aiden:  I want to be a good boy, mama, but I can't.

Me:  I know you can Aiden.

Aiden:  Mama, I try but I'm a bad boy.

Me:  You aren't a bad boy Aiden.  I know that you are good boy.  You have it in you.

Aiden:  In me?  Where?  I can't see it?  I think I need an X-Ray to see it.

I don't know where this guy gets it. No, wait. I lie. I know exactly where he gets it and that's even scarier.