28 September 2011

The Little Devil & His Big Evil Laugh

Two weekends ago my cousins and I took our kids to Baguio.  If you haven't been in a while, you will be absolutely shocked at how much it's deteriorated.  Everything is still there - the horses at Wright Park, the boats and bikes at Burnham and even the mini golf at John Hay - but nothing is the same.  There is only one place that was absolutely unforgettable for me, the Butterfly Sanctuary in Camp John Hay.  Not for the butterflies but for the crazy tour guide.  We can't figure out if he is totally insane or high on meth or both.  More likely the latter.

This guy doesn't even give you a tour, hell it takes you all of 17 seconds to see the whole place.  He has most of the butterflies on a small tree near him and INSISTS you do the cheesiest poses with the butterflies and a vase of flowers that appears to be super glued to his hand.  Perhaps he doesn't really insist but just does his thing and you don't even realize what hit you.  When we walked in he was reprimanding a father and his kids for not bringing a camera to THE Butterfly Sanctuary.  Then it was our turn and Aiden immediately tries to touch the butterfly.  The daft dude loses it and yells at Aiden.  "Huwag mong hawakan, pasaway ka!"  (Don't touch them, you naughty little boy!).  I didn't even bother stepping in, take a look at Aiden's reaction.

You show him, Aiden.  Crazy old man.  Hey, only I get to yell at my kids.  After the incident he skipped Aiden's turn for his butterfly misdemeanor.  Aiden still didn't give a damn, he didn't budge, he sat there BWAHAHAING until he got what he wanted.