24 April 2011

Not Such a Goth Easter After All

We ended up spending Easter at home and loved it.  Now I don't know why I ever bothered spending on overpriced Easter brunch out with cheap kids activities when I never enjoy it with the earthlings.  Never fails, before arriving at any restaurant they secretly decide which one will be the total pain in the ass and make me pay for the sins of my past 55 lives.

The morning didn't start out right.  Aiden refused to brush his teeth like he does every friggin' day, got all boneless and made it impossible for me to carry him to the bathroom sink.  Gael got all freak out upset when I brought down the Halloween pumpkin baskets to do the egg hunt.  The horror.  THE HORROR.  So much for getting some resourceful mama points.  Martha Stewart would have me arrested.

Chocolate eggs saved the day.  Yes, Easter is all about hope.

Exaggerated egg hunting.

Aiden's penguin lays an egg.

Happy chocolate smiles.

Arroz negro made by Paco and Gael.

Lunch of the picky eater.  Guess who?

Chocolate eggs for dessert.