15 January 2011

Happy Birds

The earthlings love playing with iPhones.  I don't have one and Paco just retired his old one, so they borrow everyone else's iPhone.  Especially those with lots of games in them.  Aiden has absolutely no shame, except when we want him to be outgoing, then he melts with total shyness.  Just to make my life more interesting.  When it comes to iPhones this means he has no qualms at approaching total strangers with iPhones in hand and asking in the sweetest voice possible to borrow their phones.  My sister is in town for a couple of weeks and she has been the latest victim.

Aiden:  Tita Tish, can I borrow your iPhone?

Tita Tish:  Sure!

Aiden:  I want to play Angry Birds.

Tita Tish:  I don't have Angry Birds.  I only like happy things.

Aiden:  Can I play Happy Birds?

Tita Tish:  There is no Happy Birds game.

Aiden:  There it is!  Look!

He smiles and points at the Twitter app.  Happy bird indeed.