Monday, June 27, 2011

The Bride's Iron Chef Shower

My only and little brother got married last month.  We used to call him Babe Rikks, now he is Mr. Babe Rikks.  But during the engagement period we lovingly referred to him as Groomzilla.  To welcome The Bride into the family, my mom, sister, tita and I threw her a bridal shower.  None of us are into the toilet paper wedding gown sort of games, instead we had an Iron Chef shower. Groomzilla and The Bride are big foodies so my sister had this brilliant idea.

We invited the guests and Pinoy Eats World did the rest.

Secret Ingredients

Team Orgasm Overload
Team Raunchy & Randy
 Mrs. Babe Rikks

After way too much chopping, stirring, beating, cucumber gin tonics and trash talking we were done with our Sensual Breakfasts in 2 hours.  Groomzilla and The Bride did the taste test and my team won.  Not because of me but because I put The Bride's mother on my team.  Hey, perks of being the organizer.  The real Pinoy Eats World chefs served us the yummiest gumbo and tapa sandwiches.

No why in the world would anyone chose stupid phallic cucumber games and uncomfortable lap dancing by a most likely gay stripper over something like this?


  1. Yes, yes - this was so much fun! And yes, yes, I am the sister who had the brilliant idea :)

  2. Most awesome shower idea ever!!! I may steal this in the future :) But I'll make sure to "link back" if I do, hihi :)

  3. Jo, it was super fun. You would love it. We didn't exactly come up with the Iron Chef idea so feel free to use the same concept.

  4. Im not a big fan of those "traditional" bridal showers too. This is a great idea!

  5. LOVE this! I would have enjoyed being a guest-participant here! I never really liked "stripper-theme" showers :<

  6. If you ask the right questions, I'll host AND strip at THE SAME TIME! mwahahahahahaha!!! ;p

  7. I have no doubt about it! Although cooking butt nekkid doesn't sound very appetizing.