Wednesday, June 8, 2011

En La Luna

I've written about the pee in your pants funny, the aren't you glad you don't have my kids crazy and the rare awwww inducing endearments my earthlings say.  Well now it's Paco's turn.   He isn't a man of killer one liners, he is more of the Claude Levi-Strauss quoting breed.  Yes, I did have to Google that to make sure I wasn't referring to the jeans guy.  So when something like this happens I celebrate that he too can be a nut job like the rest of us Guerreros.

Me:  Gael, your class this year is Prep Luna.

Paco:  How cool is that, Gael.  They've got planets for classes at Keys!

Me:  DUUUUUUDDDDEEEEE, I think they mean the artist not the planet.


  1. Hmmm, actually the Moon, Luna, is not a planed but a moon, which is slightly smaller than a planet but mostly it is defined by the fact that it revolves around a heavenly body other than the son, which means its a heavenly body that revolves around a planet. But at the same time since a planet is defined by the fact that it revolves around a star/sun, and the moon revolves around the planet that means that as a secondary rotation the moon also revolves around the sun. However I suspect that the difference is that a moon's primary orbit is around a planet and its secondary orbit is around a sun/star.....

  2. OK, I like Anonymous!! He's/ She's very nerdy! =) Aww, the big kuya is in Keys already? =)

  3. Thank you Anonymous for clarification. I'm convinced that's Paco not knowing how to log onto blogger.

    Yup, we're starting Keys already. They have a student handbook and rules. I got flashbacks of the times I got suspended for cutting class or scolded for wearing nail polish on a school retreat. Hahaha.

  4. I was wondering who would leave a comment like that....then I read your reply and i started to LOL!!! :)

  5. It's so nerdy it has to be him.